Travelscope Mk.I

So here is the result! As can be seen later, the telescope has lost a couple of items that were required elsewhere. cause is that many things turned out to be not OK. In the first place, the weight came out way too much to be allowed as hand luggage. Also the operation is not as smooth as expected, possibly because of a textureless type of formica in the bearings. Finally, the thing takes quite some time to set up.
Anyway, below are some images of the result. I have more, so when interested please email me.

Closed box   Opened box

So here's what you would stuff into the overhead luggage compartment... It nicely fits within the size limits of 25 x 35 x55 cm. To the right the opened box, and in the background the opened truss structure which is stored in a PVC pipe. Like on the drawings, the whole structure fits nicely together, and also leaves some room for eyepieces etc.


The telescope is completely set up. It needs to be supported by a chair because the mirror is not in, but more so because the 10kg (!) counterweight is not mounted. The lid of the package serves as the base for the rockerbox.


A look in the primary box (where is the mirror?).


The lightweight secondary holder.