A Richest Field Telescope

My 250mm travelscope (MkI) appeared to be somewhat cumbersome to set-up for a quick view (and the mirror did not want to succeed). Hence the idea was born to build an easy to handle, richest field telescope. There happened to be a chunk of 19mm glass with nothing to do, there was also a lot of grit left over from the 250mm grinding kit and the do-it-yourself market sells 61x122cm panels of 3mm plywood.
So hence became the design challenge of this project: to make a quick&dirty 15cm, F/4 richest field telescope with a tube made of a single pane of plywood.

The mirror has been recycled in a Gregorian, and other parts elsewhere.


The drawing below presents an overview of how the design worked out. The complete set of CadStd drawing files can be downloaded from the resources page, and from these the exact measures can be read. If you need .dxf files, please drop an email.

You can click on the drawing below to zoom in on an area of interest: RFT drawing