A Vixen retrofit

Back in 1999 my plan B was to regrind the 100mm mirror of my first scope and put it in a longer tube. This in order to better match the rest of the scope, such as the too small secondary mirror. For this purpose I obtained an old and empty Vixen tube from a telescope supplier. However, Plan A worked out and so I had an un used steel tube, that was originally meant for a 4.25" F8 mirror.
I also happened to have a nice piece of 19mm glass, from which I cut a blank for a 112mm diameter mirror. I set the focal length to approximately 800mm (F/7), which makes a nice scope to observe for example the moon. The performance is actually quite good...

Some images of the finished scope, mounted on an old skylux EQ-2:


The spider is made of 1mm x 10mm cross section flat aluminium stock:

A view through the peephole, for rough collimation:

Now the Vixen retrofit has found a better home.