Newton 250F4
I ground the travelscope mirror down to F/4 and put it in a Newton for rich field viewing and photography.
The new and current mirror is borosilicate 255F4.
Kutter 150F24
A Kutter design schiefspiegler with toroidal primary mirror. Performance appeared not good enough, so now this has been redone with spherical primary and secondary. The Secondary should one day be torodized.
Corrected Dall-Kirkham 300F8
I have been playing with Cassegrain type of scope design since the Gregorian I built.
Now I found a promising recipy for a Dall Kirkham with a corrector based on off the shelf commercial lenses.
Surplus Shed Maksutov
Every now and then Surplus Shed has a Maksutov optics set in stock. I acquired one of these and built a quick scope from it.
See also the discussion on Cloudy Nights.
Rich Field Telescope 150F4
I made this Q&D scope because the Mk-I travelscope was taking too long (7 years).
The mirror finally made it to the Gregorian.
Gregorian 150F24
Built to experiment with this design, intended for watching moon and planets.
It is 150mm, F/24 (I re-used the RFT mirror).
Vixen retrofit
I had this old Vixen tube and a piece of soda lime glass... (120mm, F/7.5)
My first attempt at a hand-luggage transportable scope (250mm F/6.3 soda-lime), started in 1999.
Rebuilt in 2007, decomissioned in 2014 (mirror re-used for F/4 Newton).