Mounts and GOTO control

Stepper basics
Collection of background information and early experiments done to make a stepper driver.
Some of this information is a bit outdated.
Polaris drive
A fairly simple RA axis driver for an old Vixen Polaris mount. The design will work on other basic telescope mounts as well.
Plumbers' GEM
A German equatorial mounting head, built completely from plumbing parts.
Wireless GOTO
Design and implementation of a full GOTO driver, controlled wirelessly from any planetarium program using the LX200 protocol over a Bluetooth link.
Documentation can be found here. See also my JUGGLER tiny RTOS.
Laser polar finder
A polar finder based on a green laser module, for the Vixen Polaris mount.
NEQ6 control with INDI
A log of how I have set up INDI based remote control for telescope and imaging, using the Raspberry Pi4 module Ubuntu and Indi/Ekos/Kstars. The control can be done via any VNC virtual desktop interface, from laptop, tablet or smartphone.
Note: the current version is based on Astroberry server.
A compact power bank
This page describes a 12V/20Ah powerbank with integrated charger in a 30x40cm toolcase.
EQ6 Strip Down Guide
The Astro Baby website was down for a while, so I decided to download it and create a PDF transscript of the excellent EQ6 tuning instructions.
You can also become EQ6 group member by subscribing with your email address, over here =======>
Sky Quality Meter
A description of a DIY SQM including meteo functions like pressure, humidity and temperature.