Mounts and GOTO control

Stepper basics
Collection of background information and early experiments done to make a stepper driver.
Polaris drive
A fairly simple RA axis driver for an old Vixen Polaris mount. The design will work on other basic telescope mounts as well.
Plumbers' GEM
A German equatorial mounting head, built completely from plumbing parts.
Wireless GOTO
Design and implementation of a full GOTO driver, controlled wirelessly from any planetarium program using the LX200 protocol over a Bluetooth link.
Documentation can be found here. See also my JUGGLER tiny RTOS.
Laser polar finder
A polar finder based on a green laser module, for the Vixen Polaris mount.
A log of how I have set up INDI based remote control of telescope and imaging, using dual Raspberry PI2 modules and Windows based client software.
EQ6 Strip Down Guide
The Astro Baby website has been down for a while, not sure if it will be up again. Until then, here is a PDF transscript of the EQ6 tuning instructions.