Resources for telescope design

Software tools

These are the tools that I found the most useful and were therefore used in my projects. The packages are usually free for non-commercial use:
PLOP:FE mirror cell simulation.
FlexPDE: Version 5 is a 3D PDE solver, get student licence.
CadStd: CAD, to make technical drawings, small and easy.
Eagle: Schematic capture and PCB layout / autorouter.
OSLO-LT: Optical design and analysis.

Data files

Some of the data that I have generated in the various projects, free for all to use as long as the source is mentioned:

CadStd: Primer scope,
Carry-on scope,
Floppy Foucault tester.
FlexPDE: Mirror cooling model.
Newt 2.5: 10", F/6.4 scope.
PLOP: 10", 6 point cell.
Eagle: CCD-237 camera,
Stepper drive.
Excel: Vignetting model,
Schief toolkit,
Wirespider sag estimation,
Scope design tools.
Various other: Background on steppers and driving them (zipped).

Useful links

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CCD stuff

Astronomical CCD & Night Vision Devices


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