Mirror making.

Grinding logs of the mirrors that I've made:

D [mm] Speed Conic    
250 F/6.4 -1 First mirror for travel dob, plate glass HTML   PDF
150 F/4 -1 Quicky for RFT, plate glass HTML   PDF
112 F/7 -1 To land in a 4.25" F/8 old Vixen tube, plate glass HTML   PDF
150 F/3 -0.98 Gregorian primary, old RFT mirror, plate glass HTML   PDF
38 F/2.4 -0.6 Gregorian secondary, 8mm plate glass HTML   PDF
150 , 72 F/15  0 F/24 Kutter mirror set with toroid primary, Borosilicate HTML   PDF
150 , 72 F/15  0 Re-figured Kutter mirror set, all spherical, Borosilicate HTML   PDF
250 F/4 -1 Regrind the F/6.4 down to F/4, plate glass HTML   PDF
255 F/4 -1 Replacing the damaged 250mm F/4, Borosilicate HTML   PDF
300 F/3 -0.69 Corrected DK 300mm F/8 mirror set, Borosilicate HTML   PDF

Note: Due to the amount of pictures some logs may load slowly, so it's better to open the PDF file instead.

Article describing how to take off a mirror coating.